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Our IT Solutions are fast, reliable and efficient. We are able to achieve this with the help of our technological team with over a decade’s experience. Attention to detail is given the highest importance when we commit to a project. We are aimed at connecting people and enabling business to achieve their technological dreams and aspiration with the most reliable people and at affordable prices. We work closely with our clients and work under a family kind of environment to truly deliver the perfect product. Our straight forward approach and out-of-the-box thinking further enhances and innovates our clients product.

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Big Data

Why to think small?

When we can think BIG! Big data is not just a group of data it is much more than that. Big data has become a popular term for the exponential growth whether in a form of structured or unstructured.

Mobile App Development

We wake up and sleep with App

We have more than a decade of expertise in developing highly interactive mobile applications using latest operating systems that are extremely user-friendly and functional.

Software Development & Maintenance

Your Needs, our Codes

In self propelled world there is so much of coerce of maintaining your esteem. Maintanence and support 'keeping the lights on' applications instead of pursuing revenue is our goal.

IT Consultancy Services

Research, Analyze or get Advice that's what you do before starting any work. Well a Pi IT consultant will do that for you in a span of time and provide you with best possible IT solutions and advises.

Software Quality Assurance and Testing

Test: Delivers the Best

We ensure our quality using Software Engineering processes and methods, testing at every step of development. Lean our software's to customers absolutely error free, with a steady state solution.

Web Application Development

It's not man's world It's Web world

Techno Softwares carefully crafts out strategies that best suits the needs of our clients and help us deliver them amazing web sites.

And Deliver Efficiency

News & Insights

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data-Science are the future of the industry

Anything & everything you want, we handle Data-Science and Deep learning projects


Areas We have also ventured into

Data Science

Deep Learning

Predictive Analytics

Augment Reality

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Data Mining


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